Yamaha CL Firmware v1.04, Still w/ Issues

Yamaha CL Firmware v1.04, Still w/ Issues

Yamaha has announced a Firmware Upgrade for their new CL Series of consoles… v1.04

V1.04 Changes

The only major update was solving a problem in which the controllers in the top panel and the touch screen may freeze with certain panel operations.

Other updates include only Minor Bug Fixes.

V1.04 Known Issues

Issues you still may run into…

When the Word Clock or Audio Bit Rate are Changed the RIO Rack MAY MUTE.
Solution: Restart the Rio Rack.

Multiple Consoles on the Same Network May Cause Output Patch Issues.
Solution: Unknown

If the CL Console is powered on before the RIO, the CL Series may not recognize the Rio Rack.  
Solution: Power On the Console about 30 Seconds after Plugging it In and Powering Up the Rio Rack.

While loading a File and the CL and Rio are connected (when wouldn’t they be?) your Patch may not be completed.
Solution: Double check your patch and re-load if needed.

Dante Virtual SoundCard has Issues.  Cannot Save/Recall Patch of Card.
Solution: Patch Again.

Many Issues with the Dante-MY16-AUD Cards.


For a Download or More Info See…

Yamaha’s CL Firmware v1.04 Website/Download Site.