Pro Tools 8.0.1: A Last Leg for Old Friends

digidiscontinueWith the release of Pro Tools 8.0.1, we’re also seeing the end of software updates for several different pieces of hardware within the Pro Tools Family.

For most of these, You could see it coming from a mile away… The inevitable end of life for some hardware.

Pro Tools 8.0.1 Will be the final supported software release for the following products…


The Origional MBox… This DOES NOT affect any of the MBox 2 Line.

Pro Tools Mix Peripheals

Including the…

  • 888|24 I/O
  • 888|20 I/O
  • 1622 I/O
  • 24-Bit ADAT Bridge I/O

Power PC Based Macs

Regardless of Interface, 8.0.1 is the final version of Pro Tools that will be Universal for Macs.  All those studios and schools running G4′s or G5′s, Time to Upgrade.

Expansion|HD Chassis

This came as a surprise to me.  A piece of hardware from the HD Family… Although, you can trade in this hardware for newer versions.

There is a special exchange offer for the Expansion|HD Chassis to upgrade to the Digidesign EB7 PCIe to PCIe expansion chassis, as well as additional replacements being available from the company Magma, the PE6R4.

This seems to be simply a move to discontinue support for PCI HD cards, and move solely to the faster PCIe (PCI Express)… Which once again, will force users to go out and upgrade whole computers.

In The End

For users of this hardware, this probably won’t be noticed for a good amount of time.

The time saved for the developers in having to support legacy hardware will be invaluable though.  This may be one step in getting general, compatibility, and big updates in a much more timely fashion.