MOTU’s Digital Performer 7.1 Update

Mark of the Unicorn has recently released the first major update for their most recent version of Digital Performer 7, update 7.1

This isn’t any minor fix type of update, there are plenty of features and value added.

Lets take a look…

New With MOTU Digital Performer 7.1

  • New Trim Tools for Automation
  • Auto-Save
  • Fine Tune Controls
    • Hold the Command Key to Do Fine Adjsutments
  • Track Folder Overview
  • Track Folder Editing
  • Tuner Plug-In
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts
    • For Nudging MIDI Notes Up/Down, Zooming, ect ect
  • ProTools 8.0.3 Compatibility
    • Digital Performer is fully qualified for operation with DAE version 8.0 to 8.0.3.
  • Automatic Addition of Inserts
  • Guitar Tone Presets
  • Channel Strip Presets
  • New Custom ’59 Power Amp Models
  • More Plug-In Presets
  • Core Audio File Format Support
  • Auto Check For Updates

And this is a FREE update to all Digital Performer 7 owners.

Visit MOTU’s DP 7.1 Site for more details and to Download