Yamaha’s CL Series Stage Mix


Yamaha’s CL Series Stage Mix

Cost: Free
Devices: iPad

Yamaha’s Stage Mix CL is exclusively for use with the CL Series of consoles to remote control them via WiFi. What You Can Do For argument’s sake lets just say you can control just about any aspect of any input channel or output channel outside of patching, plugins and phantom power.
  • Manipulate HA Levels
  • Channel On/Off, Phase, Pan, Cue
  • PEQ Editing on Channels and Outputs
  • GEQ Editing on Outputs (if already assigned)
  • Sends on Faders
  • Scene Changes and Saving
  • Output Faders
  • DCA Faders
  • Tap Tempo
  • Change Channel Name and Color
For the most part, unless you need to assign phantom power or change a setting on the console you can now walk away with your iPad.

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