SoundCraft’s ViSi Remote


SoundCraft’s ViSi Remote

Cost: Free
Devices: iPad

SoundCraft has finally released it’s iPad Remote Control software for it’s Vi and Si Series of Consoles, the ViSi Remote. The ViSi Remote app works over the console’s HiQnet ethernet port on the back of the console that is compatible with any ethernet cat5/6 cable… All you need is a Wireless Router and an iPad and wireless control of the Vi and Si Consoles is yours. Features
  • Control Output Functions of your Console
  • Flip to Fader Mode to Adjust Sends
  • Output EQ’s (Graffic) Are Adjustable Via iPad App
    • Graffic EQ is set in a “Flip Fader” Mode where on each page you have 8 faders representing 8 frequencies, scrolling to the next or previous bank of faders lets you change frequencies in the next band of frequencies
  • Fader Glow is represented on App
What We’re Missing In comparison to other iPad apps or VNC control of other consoles we seem to be missing a few things. ¬†Input sections, Easy Graphic EQ Representations and Changing of EQs and Metering Top the List. Availability The ViSi Remote by SoundCraft is available NOW. ¬†Free download on the Apple App Store.

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