iTeleport VNC: for Avid Consoles


iTeleport VNC: for Avid Consoles

Cost: $24.99
Devices: iPhone iPod Touch (w/ Mic) iPad

iTeleport: VNC is a VNC client that works to remotely view and control computers, including the computer that is the Avid Venue Consoles.  Works with the SC48, Venue, D-Show, ect ect…

Avid still has not introduced an iPad App… But by design, the Avid consoles have one build in via an Ethernet Card and Screen Sharing as an option!

For use with an Avid you’ll have to connect both the iPad/iPhone and the console (via ethernet) to a WiFi router.

Avid’s ECx Host Software needs to be installed, as it is not by default.  (See Below for Instructions/Download Link)

iTeleport: VNC setup is easy with Avid’s Guide, and the only option that has to be changed in in the settings panel (gear on the top ribbon) and is turning on touch screen mode, which lets you tap to click.

Note: The console’s screen will always follow the VNC Client.

This does involve some basic networking skills.

Avid’s ECx Ethernet Control Manual, Including Setup of Host and iPad Client (in this case iTeleport VNC)

Download On iTunes

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