iConnectivity MIDI


iConnectivity MIDI

Cost: $179.99
Devices: iPhone iPod Touch (w/ Mic) iPad

  The iConnectivity MIDI is a MIDI interface that does what no other iOS MIDI interface does, brings together iOS, Mac/PC, USB MIDI Devices and 5 Pin MIDI Devices Together.  More of a MIDI Hub than an interface, an answer to any Pro’s MIDI needs.   And it does so much more… Functions
  • MIDI Bridge – MIDI Between any of the ports (w/ No Computer)
  • MIDI Merge – Merge Two or More MIDI Ins to One MIDI Out
  • MIDI Thru – Send Any MIDI Input Port to Any Output Port, By Default All are Linked
  • MIDI Mute – Mute Unwanted Events from Specific Ports, Input or Output
  • MIDI Routing – Intelligent MIDI Routing
  • Configuration Storage – All Configurations Setup w/ a Computer can be Stored to Internal Memory
I/O All of these I/O’s can be used simultaneously to route your MIDI wherever it Needs to Go.
  • USB A – Hub Compatable for up to 8 x USB Devices
  • 5 Pin Din – 2 x MIDI In, 2 x MIDI Out (and of course, daisy chain-able)
  • 2 x USB-B (Mini) Ports
  • USB-B (Mini) to Dock Connector Cable Included
  • Its Tiny! – 4.3in w, 2.75in h, 2.75in deep
  • Only .7 lbs
  • Upgradable Firmware
  Use Scenario In the live audio world not many people use MIDI these days… There are plenty of uses though. For example, A Playback Computer could send MIDI Messages to change your Scenes/Snapshots on your digital console.  Did I mention the iConnectivity MIDI is Yamaha MIDI over USB Compliant? Ever thought of putting MIDI over a network and sending MIDI messages to both Mix positions at once for exact tempos for FX? Or maybe you could change all of your keyboard player’s patches via a simple midi message coming from your console when you change Scenes/Snapshots? How about using an iPod Touch to send wireless MIDI as far as your router will reach? Or all of the above with the iConnectivity’s multiple In/Outs and Routing. iConnectivty’s Website

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