Allen and Heath’s iLive Mix Pad


Allen and Heath’s iLive Mix Pad

Cost: $99.99
Devices: iPad

Allen and Heath’s iLive Mix Pad is the Online Control App for their iLive series. Let it be said, before we start… This is the ONLY series of digital consoles that can run with the RACK ONLY. ┬áThat is why this app costs money… It is a work around to travel only with a rack and control the console via the iPad app and or Computer based applications with absolutely no physical control surface. Features
  • Access to any Input, Output Mix Master, FX Return or Mix Master
  • Fader Level Control, Pan, Mute Control
    • No Stereo Aux Pan Control
  • Aux and Matrix Sends w/ Pre/Post
  • DCA and Mix Assignments
  • Pre Amp Control, Pad and +48v Phantom Power Control
  • Trim, HPF, Gate, PEQ, GEQ, Comp, Limiter, De-Esser and Delay Control
  • Name and Channel Coloring Control
  • RTA and PAFL with the GEQ
  • Create Custom Strips
  • Personalize Color Scheme
What It Can’t Do w/ a Control Surface or the iLive Computer Application
  • Input PAFL
  • FX Paramater Control Including Tap Temp
  • Input, Output and Insert Patching
  • Channel Ganging
  • Aux Source Routing Options
  • Stereo Aux Level Control
  • Library, Scene and Show Store/Recall
  • Signal Generator Control
  • Talkback
  • System Config
  • User Profile
Does Not Support
  • xDR-16 Audio Expanders (can’t control HA)
  • Dual-Rack
Requires Any MixRack running firmware 1.8 or later.  

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