dbx’s Update to the DriveRack PA… +

dbx driverack pa+dbx has updated their best-selling loud speaker management system, the DriveRack PA, with the DriveRack PA +.

Now I’m sure we’ve all had our times with the DriveRack PA… So lets see what has changed…

  • Now White
  • New Updated Library of Stored Speaker and Amp Settings
  • USB Connection to Update Pre Sets
  • RTA
  • Front Panel Mute Buttons
  • Faster Auto EQ Wizard and Enhanced Wizard Setup
    • Includes “Industry-First” Auto Level Wizard
  • Linked Stereo DSP Processing

Now that’s what has changed since the DriveRack PA… For the full list of features, visit dbx’s site.

dbx’s DriveRack PA+ Site

The Mute Button on the front will be a savior… And we’ll have to see what you can do with this USB port…

It seems the the DriveRack PA+ is listing for $749.95 and is selling for $499.99…